Import Jupyter Notebooks

In this guide, we’ll learn how to blog in Wowchemy using Jupyter Notebooks.

Here’s a snippet from a Jupyter notebook, for example:

print("I am a Jupyter Notebook!")
I am a Jupyter Notebook!

Install Python and Jupyter

Install Anaconda which includes Python 3 and Jupyter notebook.

Otherwise, for advanced users, install Jupyter notebook with pip3 install jupyter.

Create a new blog post as usual

Run the following commands in your Terminal, substituting <MY_WEBSITE_FOLDER> and my-post with the file path to your Wowchemy website folder and a name for your blog post (without spaces), respectively:

hugo new  --kind post post/my-post
cd <MY_WEBSITE_FOLDER>/content/post/my-post/

Create or upload a Jupyter notebook

Run the following command to start Jupyter within your new blog post folder. Then create a new Jupyter notebook (New > Python Notebook) or upload a notebook.

jupyter notebook

Convert notebook to Markdown

jupyter nbconvert Untitled.ipynb --to markdown --NbConvertApp.output_files_dir=.

# Copy the contents of and append it to
cat | tee -a

# Remove the temporary file:

Edit your post metadata

Open in your text editor and edit the title etc. in the front matter according to your preference.

To set a featured image, place an image named featured into your post’s folder.

For other tips, such as using math, see the guide on writing content with Wowchemy.

Alternative approaches

Alternatively, a Jupyter notebook can be embedded in a page by following one of the approaches below:

  1. Upload your notebook as a GitHub Gist and click Embed to copy and paste your hosted notebook into the body of content in Wowchemy

  2. Convert your notebook to HTML using jupyter nbconvert --to html <NOTEBOOK_NAME>.ipynb. Then move the resulting HTML file to your page’s folder and embed it into the body of the page’s Markdown file using:

  3. Upload your notebook to a cloud notebook service such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Datalab or Kyso. Then click their Embed button, pasting their custom embedding code into the body of your page’s Markdown file

  4. Copy snippets of code from your notebook and paste them into the body of your page using Wowchemy’s code highlighting