Hugo Tutorials

  • Contribute

    Thanks for being interested in contributing! We’re so glad you want to help! We want contributing to Wowchemy to be fun, enjoyable, and educational for anyone and everyone. All contributions are welcome, including issues, new docs as well as updates and tweaks, blog posts, workshops, and more.

  • Deploy

    Sites built with Wowchemy can be deployed to almost any provider due to the static nature of the generated website.

  • Update

    Learn how to update the Wowchemy website components that your site uses.

  • Get a domain name

    A domain name is your online address. Learn how to create a personalized domain name to help visitors find you online, add credibility to your brand, and look more professional.

  • Language and translation

    Choose from 35+ languages. Both the interface and content language can be customized or translated to create a multilingual site.

  • Add analytics

    Analyse your site traffic.

  • Add search

    Empower users to search your website and quickly discover relevant content. Learn how to customize the search engine or change provider.

  • Extending Wowchemy

    How can you perform more advanced customization or integrate new third-party services?

  • Social media sharing

    Want to empower users to share your pages on social media?

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Want to optimize your site for search engines and social networks?

  • Security

    Wowchemy can automatically apply awesome security enhancements for you. Want to learn more?

  • Optimize performance

    Want to optimize the performance of your site for your visitors?

  • Add comments

    How to empower readers to engage with your content?

  • Build an offline site

    Create an offline site by downloading any remote assets.

  • Troubleshooting

    Troubleshoot common issues.