Edit an archive page

Archive pages are the special pages which list all of your content. An example is a blog post archive at YOUR-SITE.com/post/.

Similarly, you can list subsets of pages by using widgets on landing pages (aka widget pages) or by browsing a taxonomy URL such as YOUR-SITE.com/tags/awesome/.

Did you know that the Pages and Featured widgets on the homepage will automatically link to their corresponding archive pages when you have more items of content than you configured to be displayed in the widget. Therefore, if you don’t have much content, you may not see the automatic links to the archive pages yet. You can also manually link to archive pages by pasting the URL in your content.

You can edit the title and add your own content, such as an introduction paragraph, by editing the _index.md archive page for each content type. If you don’t already have an _index.md archive page, you can copy it from the template that you are using, ) for example content/post/_index.md.

Then edit the title parameter in each _index.md as desired and add any content after the front matter. You will notice that the _index.md files differ slightly, with some having special options available for the associated content type. For example, publication/_index.md contains an option for setting the citation style of the listings which appear on the publication archive page.