Tag Cloud

Enable visitors to easily discover popular topics.

Associate your existing pages with tags by placing the tags option in the front matter of your pages (e.g. tags: ["A Tag", "Another Tag"]). The Tag Cloud block will then display your tags. The more popular a tag is, the larger its font.


To add this block to your homepage, copy the below YAML configuration for this block into the existing sections on your homepage at content/_index.md.

Alternatively, to create a new page with this block, copy the full YAML front matter below into a new file such as content/hello.md.

title: My page
type: landing

  - block: tag_cloud
      title: My title
      subtitle: My subtitle
      text: Add any **markdown** formatted content here - text, images, videos, galleries - and even HTML code!
      # Choose a taxonomy from the `taxonomies` list in `config.yaml` to display (e.g. tags, categories, authors)
      taxonomy: tags
      # Choose how many tags you would like to display (0 = all tags)
      count: 20
      # Minimum and maximum font sizes (1.0 = 100%).
      font_size_min: 0.7
      font_size_max: 2.0


Learn how to customize the block design, such as the background, padding, or even applying your own custom styles.