👑 Company Logos

Highlight the logos of the companies using your services or sponsoring you.

Display company logos.
Display company logos.

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To add this block to your homepage, copy the below YAML configuration for this block into the existing sections on your homepage at content/_index.md.

Alternatively, to create a new page with this block, copy the full YAML front matter below into a new file such as content/hello.md.

Upload the company logos to your assets/media/logos folder, creating the folder if it doesn’t exist. Logos should be uploaded in either SVG or PNG format. You can find free image converters online if your logos are not in the necessary format.

title: My page
type: landing

  - block: logos
      title: Section Title
      subtitle: Section Subtitle
      # Path to the logo images within the `assets/media/` folder
      logo_folder: logos
      columns: '1'  


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