About Me

Introduce yourself to your readers with an avatar, brief biography, and links to your social media identities.

Create a user profile

Setup a user profile and then edit a page section in your homepage to associate an About block with your username (the username is the name of the folder in authors/). For example, admin is the username (folder name) of the default authors/admin/ user profile.


Introduce yourself to your readers with the About widget.
Introduce yourself to your readers with the About widget.

For example, the following options can be added to your section front matter in order to include the About widget:

title: My page
type: landing

  - block: about.avatar
    id: about
      # Choose a user profile to display (a folder name within `content/authors/`)
      username: admin
      # Override your profile text from `authors/admin/_index.md`?
      text: |>
        👋 Hi, there! I'm **Alice**, a machine learning researcher at Netflix.
        {style="font-size: 1.2rem; color: #FFB76B;} 

To add a status emoji to your profile, add the status option to your author profile, such as in authors/admin/_index.md:

# Status emoji
  icon: ☕️


Learn how to customize the block design, such as the background, padding, or even applying your own custom styles.