Tag Cloud

Enable visitors to easily discover popular topics.

Associate your pages with tags by placing the tags option in the front matter of your pages (e.g. tags = ["A Tag", "Another Tag"]). The Tag Cloud widget will then display your tags. The more popular a tag is, the larger its font.

The tags.md section in the Academic Resume demo uses the Tag Cloud widget.

To show the widget in a section, reference it in your section’s front matter:

widget: tag_cloud
headless: true  # This file represents a page section.

# ... Put Your Section Options Here (title etc.) ...
title: Popular Topics
weight: 10 # Position of section on page

  # Choose the taxonomy from `config.yaml` to display (e.g. tags, categories)
  taxonomy: tags
  # Choose how many tags you would like to display (0 = all tags)
  count: 20
  # Minimum and maximum font sizes (1.0 = 100%).
  font_size_min: 0.7
  font_size_max: 2.0