Features / Skills

As an individual, use the Featurette widget to showcase your skills and expertise. As an organization, use the widget to highlight the key features of your product or service.

Showcase personal skills or product features with the Featurette widget.
Showcase personal skills or product features with the Featurette widget.

Edit the front matter of home/skills.md to add your skills/features. Choose from a large range of icons to depict the skills/features.

For example, the following options can be added to your section front matter in order to include the Featurette widget:

widget: featurette # As of v5.8-dev, 'featurette' is renamed 'features'
headless: true  # This file represents a page section.

# Put Your Section Options Here (title, background, etc.) ...
title: My Experience
weight: 10 # The position of section on page

# Showcase personal skills or business features.
# Add/remove as many `feature` blocks below as you like.
# For available icons, see: https://wowchemy.com/docs/page-builder/#icons
  - icon: r-project
    icon_pack: fab
    name: R
    description: 90%
  - icon: chart-line
    icon_pack: fas
    name: Statistics
    description: 100%
  - icon: camera-retro
    icon_pack: fas
    name: Photography
    description: 10%

  # Example using an emoji as an icon.
  - icon: '😄'
    icon_pack: emoji
    name: Emojiness
    description: 100%

An SVG icon may also be added:

  # Example using an SVG image as an icon.
  # Place custom SVG icon in `assets/media/icons/`, creating folders if necessary.
  # Reference the SVG icon name (without `.svg` extension) in the `icon` field.
  - icon: your-custom-icon-name
    icon_pack: custom
    name: Surfing
    description: 90%