Page Collection

List your content such as blog posts, events, podcasts, videos, and publications. Choose from multiple built-in views (layouts) to display your content or create your own personalized view.

List your content such as recent blog posts.
List your content such as recent blog posts.


General options

How can I position sections (widget instances), add backgrounds, and personalize the layout?

Check out the Page Building guide.

Widget-specific options

Edit the front matter of a section to configure the view and other options, such as the folders to display content from, shown below:

widget: pages # As of v5.8-dev, 'pages' is renamed 'collection'
headless: true  # This file represents a page section.

# Put Your Section Options Here (title, background, etc.) ...
title: Recent Blog Posts
subtitle: ''

# Position of this section on the page
weight: 1

  # Filter content to display
    # The folders to display content from
      - post
    tag: ''
    category: ''
    publication_type: ''
    author: ''
    featured_only: false
    exclude_featured: false
    exclude_future: false
    exclude_past: false
  # Choose how many pages you would like to display (0 = all pages)
  count: 10
  # Choose how many pages you would like to offset by
  # Useful if you wish to show the first item in the Featured widget
  offset: 0
  # Field to sort by, such as Date or Title
  sort_by: 'Date'
  sort_ascending: false
  # Choose a listing view
  view: compact
  # Choose how many columns the section has. Valid values: '1' or '2'.
  columns: '1'

Check out my recent blog posts below!

Note: the folders filter was added in v5.5, prior to this use the content.item_type key to set a single page type (e.g. post) to display.

The See All link appears when you have more content than specified in the count option above. For example, if you choose to show only 5 blog posts but you have 100 blog posts in your archive at post/, a See All link will appear.

You can hide/show the link, change the text, or change the link itself by setting the archive options in your widget front matter:

    enable: true
    text: See all blog posts
    link: post/


There are multiple sections in the Academic Resume template that use the Pages widget. These include home/, home/, and home/